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DVP Technologies Ltd., founded in 1994 by Dr. Rami Guissin, specializes in image and video processing for defense/medical/commercial applications, 3D optronic imaging simulation and electrooptical imaging systems engineering .

In 2006, DVP spun-off Endopix Ltd., a company engaged in the development and supply of endoscopic video processing enhancement solutions .

DVP's R&D staff includes real time software, hardware, computer and electrooptic engineers and physicists .

The company's core technologies and knowhow include the following :

- Image/Video Processing Algorithms - for adaptive noise reduction, artifact removal and enhancement of compressed and uncompressed video (pre-/post-processing), and target detection and tracking .

- 3D Visualization and Simulation - including imaging simulation and physical modeling, 3D scene generation and rendering of backgrounds, atmosphere, targets, battlefield effects, and multispectral camera modeling .

- Broad engineering background - including spatial and temporal image scene analysis technology, strong theoretical background and know how in video/image processing and extensive experience in electrooptic system, application and algorithm development .

DVP applications include imaging and image processing for security and defense, medical imaging, digital television, digital photography, imaging simulation and eco monitoring .




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